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Liberation – Renewing America Podcast

In which I take on the always interesting and never correct Tommy Christopher.  Two debaters enter…one leaves.  Then later the other one leaves.

We discussed race as it relates to the Republican Party & Rush Limbaugh.  Additionally, Tommy does his Rush impersonation and I grace the world with my spot on Ross Perot impression.

Liberation – Renewing America Podcast


Victory – Renewing America Podcast

After a week of celebrations the mainstream media and MSNBC have turned back to their usual tactics.  Perhaps even more so now that they have been made keenly aware of just how out of touch they are with the Country Class.

In Monday’s show I cover these topics as well as some in fighting that has taken place within the Republican party and it’s future.  This Tea Party ain’t over yet folks.

Oh yeah, I also preview my new promo where I attempt to pull off a movie trailer voice so you can’t miss that!

Renewing America November 8, 2010

Keith Olbermann is a warrior for Religious freedom.

National attention is being paid these days to the efforts of some to establish a victory mosque in the heart of manhattan a mere two blocks from where the World Trade Centers once stood.

Keith Olbermann has compared the concerns of the opposition to the beginnings of the holocaust and Katie Couric has urged to us to retain the “towers of our national values” through this debate.

I'm awesome.

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