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Obama is a Gay Alien

Shocking I know.  Really, I shouldn’t say he IS a gay alien because in truth we simply have not been able to prove that he’s NOT a gay alien.  He has thus far refused to provide evidence that he is not which many take as tacit confirmation of his space age sexual preferences.

I found a supporter of this theory at the 9-12 rally in Washington D.C.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe him but I eventually discovered that he was a Political Science major from Oregon who now interns at NORML.  With those kinds of credentials it was hard not to take him seriously.

We discussed Obama’s cosmic status as well as a handful of other issues.  Here is the video of that discussion.


GayPatriot’s America

I had the distinct honor of being a guest Monday night on Bruce Carroll’s show GayPatriot’s America where we discussed the Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C..

The conversation was fantastic and somehow we even got to the point of discussing prohibition & the Crusades but Bruce is an excellent interviewer and I thouroughly enjoyed myself.

Take a listen or download it from iTunes.

GayPatriot’s America – August 30, 2010 by benhowe

Put down the signs

As our country spiraled into a black hole of debt and entitlements, I found myself puzzled that the free market of ideas hadn’t responded how I had hoped it would.

Just as nature abhors a vacuum, society normally finds a bright light to fill the void in times of crisis.  George Washington in the Revolution, Martin Luther King in the 60’s, Reagan in the 80’s and so on.  As we stepped into Barack Obama’s dream of “fundamentally transforming America” I became fearful of the future while confident in America’s resilience and Her incredible ability to produce precisely the person we need at exactly the moment we need them.

I knew  in my heart of hearts that if Obama became hell bent on destroying the country that someone will rise up to counter his efforts and thwart his opportunistic form of Progressivism.  As the Tea Parties began forming across the nation, I thought to myself “Ahhh, this is where he/she will come from.  Rising up amongst the throngs of people and offering an alternative to this mess!  Just in time to stop Healthcare from passing too!!”  Alas, this was not to be.  Healthcare passed and I looked around as though I’d been stood up on a date asking, “Where’s my leader?”
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I want to be an activist. Do you?

It’s hard not to look around and feel a great sense of optimism as well as a great sense of dread.  These conflicting feelings are born from the line we’ve reached where we can either regress into government control of our lives or progress into more freedom and prosperity.

But those are the obvious reasons for the duality.  There are other things that roll around in the back of my mind as I watch the goings on in the national arena.

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