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Thank you Speaker Pelosi

There’s been much discussion this last week about the leadership in the House of Representatives.  Since Nancy Pelosi will no longer be in a position to hold the gavel, factions have formed within the Democratic Party to decide who will be the leader in the coming congress.  Many feel that Nancy Pelosi essentially helped drive the party into a ditch while others think that her leadership helped push through more of the progressive agenda than ever before.  I’d say they are both right, but what do her supporters in the “country class” think?

A new website has found it’s way onto the internet from Americans United for Change. is a place where you can let Madame Speaker know how much she has meant to you and to America.

Below are some of the gems.

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Obama is a Gay Alien

Shocking I know.  Really, I shouldn’t say he IS a gay alien because in truth we simply have not been able to prove that he’s NOT a gay alien.  He has thus far refused to provide evidence that he is not which many take as tacit confirmation of his space age sexual preferences.

I found a supporter of this theory at the 9-12 rally in Washington D.C.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe him but I eventually discovered that he was a Political Science major from Oregon who now interns at NORML.  With those kinds of credentials it was hard not to take him seriously.

We discussed Obama’s cosmic status as well as a handful of other issues.  Here is the video of that discussion.

Definition of Social Justice

Today’s lesson is on Social Justice. It’s that wonderful beautiful thing that evil murderous villians like Glenn Beck have been trying to redefine.

At the 8-28 Glenn Beck rally, a counter-protestor pointed out the stark contrast between Glenn’s definition of Social Justice & the REAL definition of social justice. Enjoy.

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