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Morning in Someone Else’s America

Do we really need to go through the numbers again?  Through the horror stories of medical treatment in other countries (and even other states) who’ve made the mistake of nationalizing healthcare?  Through the examples of failed Government programs like the Post Office, Medicare and Social Security?  Through the national debt?  What our kids will be left with?  The opportunities we squandered when we controlled the House?  The massive tax burdens?  The fiscal travesty that is Obamacare?

These data points are the arguments of yesterday.  Arguments that existed to convince reasonable people that their goal is sound but their method is madness.  Should we know them? Yes.  But as of today, the circumstances of the fight have become all too clear.

This is not about any of the reasonable arguments against Obamacare.  This fight is philosophical.  It’s ideological.  It’s about the soul of America.

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