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Elections Have Consequences

Don’t forget the results of staying home. In 2006 plenty of Republicans “protested” the elections because of the terrible spending record of the Republicans in office. Firing Republicans because they aren’t doing their job is great, but you have to REPLACE THEM.

Otherweise….this happens:

Remember in November.


The Battle for America begins in 20 Days

However, the movie is already out:

In Generation Zero, Citizens United & Director Stephen Bannon laid out the crimes. In Fire from the Heartland they observed the heroes. The third film of this stylized trilogy is the final act and we are all in it.

The Battle for America wasn’t specifically written for politicos like you and me. It was developed with the sideliners in mind. The politically uninvolved, if there are any left, to give them the perspective and the emotional stirring they may need to get out and cast votes in favor of liberty this November.
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Spratt does not want to be heard

I hadn’t heard about the Spratt campaign deciding to opt out of any recording devices for the debate with Mick Mulvaney in Lake Wylie, SC until the day before the event.  His campaign cited the “out of context” remarks of one Shirley Sherrod as the reasoning behind this shut-out, but I suspect that Mr. Spratt learned from his OWN experiences being the background laugther on someone else’s filmed remarks.

Immediately I was incensed that he would close the doors on a way to keep a record for people not in attendance to view the candidates thoughts and make a decision.  It became my determination to attend and, damn the “rules”, record the Hell out of this debate.  I tested the sound quality if I recorded from my pocket, contacted an attorney to see what the Spratt campaign could do to me if I posted the audio everywhere under the sun & got my affairs in order…ok, not that last one.  The point is, I was ready and willing to go all out to pull some audio from this debate.

Unfortunately, this was not to be.

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I want to be an activist. Do you?

It’s hard not to look around and feel a great sense of optimism as well as a great sense of dread.  These conflicting feelings are born from the line we’ve reached where we can either regress into government control of our lives or progress into more freedom and prosperity.

But those are the obvious reasons for the duality.  There are other things that roll around in the back of my mind as I watch the goings on in the national arena.

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