Thank you Speaker Pelosi

There’s been much discussion this last week about the leadership in the House of Representatives.  Since Nancy Pelosi will no longer be in a position to hold the gavel, factions have formed within the Democratic Party to decide who will be the leader in the coming congress.  Many feel that Nancy Pelosi essentially helped drive the party into a ditch while others think that her leadership helped push through more of the progressive agenda than ever before.  I’d say they are both right, but what do her supporters in the “country class” think?

A new website has found it’s way onto the internet from Americans United for Change. is a place where you can let Madame Speaker know how much she has meant to you and to America.

Below are some of the gems.

Budget blueprint, creating jobs and cutting Bush deficit.

Yes, things are certainly looking up as far as the deficit, job creation & especially the budget.  Thanks Mrs. Pelosi!

Economic Rescue Plan with key taxpayer and homeowner protections.

I assume they’re talking about the Stimulus?

Strengthen sanctions against Iran, including sanctions on foreign entities assisting Iran.

I guess if you consider contributing to an administration that ultimately did nothing, traveling to the middle east wearing a burka and allowing Iran to get further than ever before in their nuclear program “strengthening”, then yes!  A resounding success!

Small Business Jobs Act to provide tax relief for Small businesses.

Provided your small business with the added luxury of sending 10-99’s to Office Depot for buying a new pen! Thanks Mrs. Pelosi!  My Small Business feels so stimultated!!

Obviously I could go on, but I just found it interesting that a common theme proves itself over and over with liberals.  It’s not about the success of a program, or how reasonable a law or regulation is: It’s only about it’s intent.

Business tax credits that ultimately hurt small businesses but were meant to help? Check.

Massive Stimulus program that catapulted the country deeper into the recession but was intended to revitalize it? Check.

Worthless sanctions against a hostile foreign enemy that did nothing at all to stop them from their objectives but sounded tough? Check.

But you know what? She wasn’t all bad.  I’ll throw her a thank you as well.

Thank you Speaker Pelosi, for smacking the electorate so hard up side the head with your liberal agenda that they came out in record numbers to vote you into oblivion.  It means so much to the cause of liberty.


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