Today’s Word: Shameful

This weekend, everyone was discussing the Colbert visit to the Congress.  Did it make Colbert look bad?  Or did it make the Congress look bad?

Duane Lester at All American Blogger had a different question: What’s so funny about illegal immigration?

As it turns out, not much.

Being from Mexico and coming to America does not in any way make you a monster, or a victim or a criminal.  But the overwhelming evidence is that coming here illegally creates an underworld which does those very things.  It invites the criminals who control it.  It allows the monsters in who would otherwise be pushed out.  And it creates the victims who have no recourse because no one even knows they are here.

I would love nothing more than for so many of the immigrants who come here illegally to be able to find freedom and prosperity in America.  Our overly bureaucratic process has caused many would-be Americans to give up and turn to these criminals for their answers.

The Democrats, and even many Republicans, find it reasonable to focus purely on what to do about the people that are already here (usually doing some form of amnesty) which of course never solves the underlying problem.

Until you address and fix our broken immigration policies and secure our borders, people will continue to die.  People will continue to kill.  And the American dream will continue to be elusive for those in impoverished countries looking to make a life for themselves.

With so much importance surrounding the issue, it’s amazing that the Congress think it’s worth the tax payers money & time to bring a comedian out and make a mockery of the whole thing.

Remember in November.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Word: Shameful

  1. Will V. says:

    We will never, ever secure the borders. The underlying reason for illegal immigration is simple, there is demand in this country for illegal workers (and sex and other slaves, etc.). Illegal immigration and what happens to illegal immigrants here is a reflection of this country, plain and simple.

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