The Last Best Hope

This is also up at Redstate.

As I said on twitter: Revolution is upon us November Nation.


20 thoughts on “The Last Best Hope

  1. Pontious Pilates says:

    Nice – I love how when partisans edit videos that include figures like the National Debt they always leave out how their side contributed to it. That giant number didn’t appear overnight. The GOP had control of Congress for over a decade, and 8 years of the executive and 6 years of the whole ball of wax. We didn’t get into this mess because of Barack Obama. These problems existed already. You can harp on how he’s dealing with it but blaming him for the unemplyment rate and the debt is laughable. “Conservatives” wonder why people laugh at them. This video is a great example. Most of you are deeply unserious. The democrats certainly deserve much of the scorn they get…..and so do you. Until I see serious proposals to solve our problems instead of the school yard whining and taunting I have to vote for whoever is more serious about policy and governance. Right now thats the Democrats. And thats not saying much.

    • benhoweblog says:

      You may have noticed that in the video I specifically pointed out that being a Republican didn’t make you safe and in fact I showed more republicans beings ousted through primaries then Democrats.

      We are for an end to the ruling class. The Democrat platform in it of itself is too liberal for my tastes, but the Republicans haven’t been doing much better. My solution is to try to oust the big spenders from our party and then defeat the big spenders in the other party.

      I would be happy if I never ever saw another Democrat in office which is a fairly partisan position, yet I feel fully justified in saying this to you: Get past your partisanship. Why don’t you actually WATCH what you’re commenting on next time.

      • Rick says:

        Great video,thank you for posting….Proud to be an american tea bagger…sure they say tea bagger with scorn but I proudly proclaim it,as I was saying to my liberal progressive friends at work if Im the last 1 standing up for freedom so be it I wont keep quiet,then I saw the tea party,turns out im not the last 1 standing there are millions of us…thank god…there are millions of freedom loving americans out there…and can you believe what that woman said???? We have to pass the bill so you can see whats in it….WHAT???. how far out of control can our government get befor we all stand up?

  2. Merit Man says:

    Pontious Pilates makes a good point. When Republicans held both Houses of Congress and had the White House too, they spat all over the values of fiscal conservatism and got in bed with Government, Big Labor, Corporations that were shipping jobs over seas even as they were begging for tax breaks and generally foisted massive amounts of debt upon the American people.

    But to steal a phrase, Republicans are the very worst political party, right after every other political party. If the GOP has received the message that the Tea Party and others have sent about reducing debt and lessening the burden on taxpayers, they will deserve the gift that the voters will hand to them on November 2, 2010. If on the other hand they veer from the plan that the House laid down yesterday and continue to be the party that is the 2nd biggest participant in Big Government, there will need to be a 3rd party in this nation. The Democrats have never been and never will be a party of the average taxpayer. Republicans message that you can do better for yourself and don’t need government trumps the Dems message which advises us to stay subservient to the government among most voters.

    We’ll see if the GOP can live up to the hype.

  3. John Gargano says:

    Yes, the Bush administration was not the best, but the Obama administration has expanded the debt in an extremely alarming fashion. The deficit is also an entirely different matter in which they have performed in a manner that has alarmed many people. They have also brought in radical political operatives, congressional approval be damned, who are all working against the will of The People towards the goal of expending their party’s power to the detriment of the entire nation. Their healthcare bill is a nightmare that no one wants. Obama, a product of PC affirmative action and sympathy and has never been in an environment where his performance was subjected to any type of objective evaluation and thus he knows noting of learning from one’s mistakes or how to productively and professionally process any type of constructive input or negative feedback.

    Life will now be cruel to Obama. People that try to make the world conform to their distorted view of it always end up in the ash bin of history. Everyone can now see exactly how he has actually performed on the job and it is clear that he has vanishingly few proficiencies besides being a purveyor of elaborate rhetoric.

    Had Obama ever learned from any prior experience of accomplishment he would have developed a healthcare plan that followed a professional model for action including 1st, seeking input from the electorate, 2nd, distilling the input into specific action items, 3rd, developing legislation that accomplished the objectives, 4th, submitted the legislation to the public for feedback and review, 5th, modified the plan accordingly and 6th, put out in legislation written in clear language with ample time for the entire nation to read it.

    Any business that would have set out to accomplish a similar objective would have followed SOME TYPE of professional process. But no, Obama and his cohorts simply made an abortion (pardon the pun) of the entire process and for that, they will now pay a heavy price because the public will now, in the elections in November, provide him with the type of performance evaluation he has never experienced to date.

    • Mary Bonnell says:

      Kuhn and Merit Man ignore congressional history – as the media generally tends to do. Pres. G. W. Bush never had a congressional majority in eight years. The best he got was 50/50, with a number of RHINOS against him. Democrats held the congressional majority 2007-2009. They basically ran the government.

  4. gary kuhn says:

    Excellent Work! On November 3, the entire World will understand that over the last few years they had only been hearing from 40 percent of Americans, but the other 60 percent are in charge!

  5. Chris says:

    To me, the upcoming election will be decided on the unsustainable national debt that will eventually sink this country, and, more philosophically on the dicotomy between freedom and equality.

    Should we all be equal and under the control of a national government that dictates more and more aspects of our lives or should we have freedom to make our own choices.

    Do we have a requlated economy that controls our lives or do we have a free maket economy where our lives are our own, subject to what is possible, not what is decided for us.

    This will be the most important election of our lives.

  6. Marilyn Sherman says:

    Excellent video! I just want to say God Bless You and thank you for providing this. I plan to put it on my Facebook page as well as email it to others. We must get the word out for people to VOTE this November, get informed, get involved, and most importantly call on the Name of Our Lord to help us Save Our Great Nation.

  7. NEOFREEDOM says:

    IT IS TIME AMERICA , the CLOCK is ticking down to NOVEMBER 2nd then WE THE PEOPLE will answer the call to VOTE in only CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES .

  8. roxannadanna says:

    Well done! I’ve put this up on my blog and Facebook page because this is a “must-go Viral video.”

    November won’t come soon enough!
    God Bless you,

  9. teaparty says:

    liked the video – but you used the wrong picture of the 9-12-09 sky shot – it was cloudy that day and there wasn’t a shot like that taken.

    • benhoweblog says:

      Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t realize until after I posted it to youtube that that was actually a shot of the Promise Keepers march on Washington in ’97. Bad editing on my part. I’ve decided to look at it as though that last photo montage is simply amount Americanism since I also had shots of WW2 monuments, Arlington National Cemetery and paintings of the Revolution.

      Thanks for watching!

  10. Mary Bonnell says:

    Kuhn and Merit Man ignore history, as most of the media does. President G. W. Bush did not have a conservative majority during his 8 years in office. The nearest he came was Republicans and Democrats 50/50. The Republican side was sprinkles with RHINOS. Democrats held the majority the last two years of Bush’s term. They ran the government – right towards it’s disastrous meeting with Obama.
    Mary Bonnell

  11. kevinbradley says:

    Great video. Note: It’s “Government-Run Healthcare” not “Government Run Healthcare.” Just FYI so the socialist Dems can’t try to minimize the importance by picking on grammatical nuances.

  12. ladykrystyna says:

    Mr. Howe, I think you should see if you can get some financing to buy ad time to put that video up as many times a day as you can every day from now until the election. Excellent video, very powerful, and very to the point.

    And to those of you who who keep talking about the Bush Admin failures – WE ALREADY KNOW THAT! We were complaining about it at the time, daily. You just either did not pay attention or you know that we did and wish to make sure that those that weren’t listening don’t know the truth. BTW, we’re on to your tactics.

    This has been a long time coming. If the Dems had continued the slow boil that was perpetuated by both parties, there probably would have been no party. But the financial collapse the housing collapse, etc. really hit Americans and then we watched our elected officials bail out the bad guys and spend tons of money when it was clear we were in financial trouble and couldn’t afford to do so.

    And the Tea Party was born. Not because Obama is black, but because he’s a progressive, a statist. Because the path he’s trying to drag us down is going to make things worse. It’s simple common sense – when you are running out of money, you do not borrow more and spend more. You CUT CUT CUT. And if that means cutting something that I could benefit from either now or in the future, that’s fine with me. The gov’t is bloated and out of control and needs to be cut. PERIOD.

    The bigger the gov’t the smaller the person.

    And remember: if the people fear the gov’t that is tyranny; if the gov’t fears the people, that is liberty.

    Mr. Howe, keep up the good work/

  13. Ron Goldston says:

    Democrats have no clue.

    As previously commented, the video makes a point of noting we conservatives shall ouster our Republicans who have failed this country.

    For Democrats to cry like little babies, saying this video is nothing but a promotional ad for Republicans, shows just how illiterate, and lacking in comprehension, are Democrats when it comes to anything not originating from their uncreative pinhead brains.

    Since a liberal won’t listen to anything a conservative has to say,

    and since a conservative will never abandon his values and love of country in return for liberal self-serving ideals,

    it puts us at a stalemate in winning over the minds of others who possess opposing views.

    So, I’ve come up with an excellent idea to absolutely roll over the Democrats in November and in 2012.

    You, me, every conservative and independent in this country, must talk to our parents of senior citizen status and persuade them not to vote Democrat.

    A lot of senior citizens, though the majority conservatives, fall for the bullshit spread by the Democratic Party concerning financial and health matters.

    The Democratic Party tries to extort EVERY GROUP by using every known bribe in the book, but our seniors exist as the only bribable group not already in the Democratic Party’s pocket.

    The Democratic Party must bribe felons to come out and vote, but they don’t have to bribe felons to vote Democratic because felons are already a part of their constituency.

    The Democratic Party must bribe the lazy to come out and vote, but they don’t have to bribe the lazy to vote Democratic because the lazy are already a part of their constituency.

    The Democratic Party must bribe drug dealers to come out and vote, but they don’t have to bribe drug dealers to vote Democratic because drug dealers are already a part of their constituency.

    The Democratic Party must bribe the homeless to come out and vote, but they don’t have to bribe the homeless to vote Democratic because the homeless are already a part of their constituency.

    The Democratic Party must bribe welfare cheats to come out and vote, but they don’t have to bribe welfare cheats to vote Democratic because welfare cheats are already a part of their constituency.

    The Democratic Party must bribe wacko anti-America nut bags to come out and vote, but they don’t have to bribe wacko Anti-America nut bags to vote Democratic because wacko anti-America nut bags are already a part of their constituency.

    The Democratic Party must bribe illegal aliens to come out and vote ILLEGALLY, but they don’t have to bribe illegal aliens to vote Democratic because illegal aliens are already a part of their constituency.

    You get the picture.

    And by the way, if you aren’t any of the above, but just a nice law abiding hardworking American who votes Democrat, you should look around at your party’s voting base and ask yourself; why would I want to associate with these people?

    As conservatives, we would rather associate with people who fail in their attempts to do the best for this country, than hang with people who succeed at destroying it.

    The Democratic Party needs to confuse and bribe seniors to have any chance in any election from hereon in.

    We need to make our elder parents see;

    A) the Democratic Party won’t do shit for them,


    B) the bigger issue is not their own immediate placation, but the safety and morality of this country for YOUR children and THEIR grandchildren.

    We need to talk to our elder parents and make sure they realize, what seems like an ideal short term promise (lie), will, in the long run, destroy this country for which they fought so hard.

    The senior vote is the ONLY vote the Democrats may get and don’t deserve. And if we seriously talk to our parents about their country, and their children, and their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren, our parents will NEVER vote democrat.

    Democrats and Republicans can scream at each other until the cows come home and it won’t change either’s mind, but if we conservatives talk to our parents, the coming slaughter in November will look like a

    The Ohio State University
    University Of Phoenix Online College

    football massacre.

    Let’s do this!

    Ask your parents to do what’s right for their country.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Awesome video, I have been spreading the word. What song are you using in this video? It gave me chills.

    • Ron Goldston says:


      The music is from the recently released film; ‘Inception’.

      I thought the film was mediocre and convoluted, but the score is awesome as the background to this video.

      But, as I said before, the most chilling and inspiring part of the video is when it declares that not even OUR Republicans are safe from this revolution. It shows how much we want back our country. And it IS “OUR” Republicans we shall ouster, because we already know Democrats will toss out Republicans, but they won’t do shit about their own criminal and treasonous Democratic Party.

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