Obama is a Gay Alien

Shocking I know.  Really, I shouldn’t say he IS a gay alien because in truth we simply have not been able to prove that he’s NOT a gay alien.  He has thus far refused to provide evidence that he is not which many take as tacit confirmation of his space age sexual preferences.

I found a supporter of this theory at the 9-12 rally in Washington D.C.  I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe him but I eventually discovered that he was a Political Science major from Oregon who now interns at NORML.  With those kinds of credentials it was hard not to take him seriously.

We discussed Obama’s cosmic status as well as a handful of other issues.  Here is the video of that discussion.


6 thoughts on “Obama is a Gay Alien

  1. Well done, Ben. I really enjoyed the way you forced him to explore his own screwed up logic.

  2. Ben — it’s in as Featured Video over at AR.

    Great job.


  3. Franky says:

    Wow! A bit off subject but… These sort of posts always amuse me because “Conservatives” are always the ones waving the Jesus flag. Yet they are ALWAYS also the first to abandon Jesus’ message of compassion in favor of name calling, finger pointing and inciting anger. A far stretch from the Jesus I know who chose to not condemn but rather show compassion on a guilty woman caught in adultery.

    • benhoweblog says:

      So you are decrying pointing fingers while coming here to say “Conservatives are always the first to abandon Jesus”….isn’t that pointing fingers?

      Also, Jesus did show compassion. He also threw the tables of the money changers on the ground at the temple and condemned their actions.

      • Franky says:

        That’s a great example. Jesus did show anger and “point the finger” but only at the people who were oppressing and condemning others. Therefore I feel it is my God-given duty when confronted by individuals that make it their life objective to criticize and condemn, politically or otherwise, to stop and say… Hey, where’s the compassion in this world?

  4. Cindy says:

    I came upon your blog from another site–through a video reposted. I LOVE your blog & can’t wait to keep up with it! I admire the way you handled the young man carrying the ‘gay alien’ sign. You kept him thinking..well..to the best he could anyway–but I love how you kept your cool-you actually sounded very friendly.

    I also enjoyed the clever way you presented this post. I needed the laugh. I disagree with this ‘Franky’ noter–the way he referred to “Conservatives” & “the Jesus flag” signals me he’s of the “Left” persuasion. He uses typical tactics pulling the Christianity claim. You are right, Jesus called out the den of thieves & liars. Keep up the great work!

    I can’t wait to tell my two sons about your blog! I think you might have a couple of fans!

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