Keith Olbermann is a warrior for Religious freedom.

National attention is being paid these days to the efforts of some to establish a victory mosque in the heart of manhattan a mere two blocks from where the World Trade Centers once stood.

Keith Olbermann has compared the concerns of the opposition to the beginnings of the holocaust and Katie Couric has urged to us to retain the “towers of our national values” through this debate.

I'm awesome.

Lost in the debate however is the picture that has been inaccurately painted of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf by the media.  In an effort to drive the narrative against the “racist tea partiers” they have largely ignored the statements by this “moderate muslim” but thanks to my friends at Atlas Shrugs blog, we have gotten an insight into the mind of our America loving moderate Imam.

Listen in to Tuesday’s show to find out how and why the left are so happy to defend religious freedom these days.  Oh yeah, I also discuss the war planning of Nancy Pelosi, the employment protection for Tim Geithner & the fringe Americans that want to enact Arizona style immigration laws in their states….all 22 of them.

Renewing America with Ben Howe – August 24th 2010 by benhowe


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